I use Linux as my primary system, and native apps are rare under linux, which is very disappointed. Recently, I need to use Skype under Linux, while Skype for linux is outdated. Thanks to chrome, we could use web Skype just like native app in a way, in that chrome provides a method that allows us open a website at a standalone windows like a true program…

As a chromer, I am used to letting chrome opened all time, and can easily get notified when new message in. So what should we do now?

First, open the target website like Skype,

which is the main reason. Then click the menu button on the top-right of chrome, click More tools,

and select “Add to desktop”, having Open as window checked on,

Then you will find a Linux application launcher named “Skype” on your desktop. You can now double-click the launcher and open Skype at a standalone window like